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Look Ahead

April 28, 20222 min read

We get joy not only from our relationships but also from those activities that we love to do.

What do you love to do? I mean – really love to do? Have you noticed when you are doing that activity or work that life is good? That you are happy with yourself? That you are kinder to others?

I love to paddle board and while I can’t do it in the winter I look forward to when I can do it this summer. It’s fun looking forward to being on the water, in the sun, and getting exercise!

But there maybe something getting in the way of doing what you love to do. Perhaps you are focusing on an event from the past and you tell yourself you don’t deserve to have fun. Staying focused on the past can keep you paralyzed.

There is a story in the Bible about Lot and his wife. God told them they had to leave the sinful towns of Sodom and Gomorrah and to not look back. Lot was able to walk away but as his wife left the cities she turned back and was turned into a pillar of salt. This is what happens to us when we spend too much time looking back. We are frozen.

Of course, we need to learn from the past and to remember these lessons but let’s stop focusing on what’s behind and start living in the present. Living in the present is where actions are taken and progress is achieved.

Is it time for you to start looking forward and start really enjoying your life? I hope so! Start today to deal with anything that has happened, make any changes you need to make, and start looking positively forward to the wonderful life you have.

I’d love to know what you are looking forward to doing. Email me!!

Elizabeth’s Choose to Win Coaching Request:

Think of something you love to do. Now schedule it in your planner. Ideally you do something you love to do every day but for now, let’s schedule one thing and watch how you feel knowing you have something to look forward to doing.

Choose to win!


Elizabeth Hagen

PS If you heart is telling you to reach out to me. Do it! Simply email me and I’ll be there!

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Elizabeth Hagen

Elizabeth Hagen is not your “typical” midwestern speaker and storyteller. Her spunky personality and cheerful soul make her ability to connect with others irresistible. As she likes to put it, she got it from her mama. Her passion is contagious when she’s doing what she does best, speaking and teaching self-worth and confidence from the point of view of a survivor. Elizabeth always made sure to visit her mom, who was in hospice care, at least twice a week. While driving to visit her one afternoon, Elizabeth was in a head-on collision that put her in the hospital trauma unit for seven days. As traumatizing as this was, Elizabeth describes those seven days as a blessing. Despite her injuries, she had never been so peaceful, calm, and content. She knew that everything was going to be okay and understood she needed this time to fully comprehend her need to slow down. Today, Elizabeth is able to fully understand...

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