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She never disappointed

May 05, 20222 min read

My mom was an incredibly strong Christian and oodles of kindness to boot. When I would visit her after my dad passed away, I would always ask her for some advice or she would surprise me with interesting conversation. This went on from the apartment she had when dad was alive, to an assisted living home, and then on to the nursing home.

She never disappointed.

I recorded each moment on my Facebook profile until she passed in February of 2019. I thought I would share some of these conversations with you via my blog so you can enjoy her as much as I did!

October 2016

"Mom was in fine form today! She felt good so I took her out to the patio to experience an absolutely gorgeous day. When I got her situated, I was going to go in to get her coffee and I said “Now, don’t go anywhere.” She looked at me with a smile and said, “How about up?!” I told her going up was fine. Heaven is always on her mind."

"As we sat outside, we would see various people coming and going and she was fascinated by each person. When one lady left and was walking to her car, I had a feeling mom was going to say something cringeworthy. I was right. As she watched the gal walk away, she turned to me and said, “Aren’t butts interesting?!” I thought I was going to fall out of my chair. Never a dull moment!"

My thoughts

She always was focused on living her life for God. I never saw her fade. Her faith was a bright light everyone could see.

Her eyes were always brightly looking around. She could have gotten bored and boring in the nursing home but, not mom. She may have said some cringe-worthy things, but she never missed a beat

My coaching request for you

Can others see Christ in you? I know that’s something I need to work on! And are you seeing the interesting things in life?

My coaching request is to realize this is the one life we get. Let’s focus on what’s important, see the humor in life and let’s live it full on!


Elizabeth Hagen

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Elizabeth Hagen

Elizabeth Hagen is not your “typical” midwestern speaker and storyteller. Her spunky personality and cheerful soul make her ability to connect with others irresistible. As she likes to put it, she got it from her mama. Her passion is contagious when she’s doing what she does best, speaking and teaching self-worth and confidence from the point of view of a survivor. Elizabeth always made sure to visit her mom, who was in hospice care, at least twice a week. While driving to visit her one afternoon, Elizabeth was in a head-on collision that put her in the hospital trauma unit for seven days. As traumatizing as this was, Elizabeth describes those seven days as a blessing. Despite her injuries, she had never been so peaceful, calm, and content. She knew that everything was going to be okay and understood she needed this time to fully comprehend her need to slow down. Today, Elizabeth is able to fully understand...

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